Friday, July 1, 2011


Miss C:  Josh, pretend you're good.

Josh:  No, I'm bad but you think I'm good.

Miss C:   Okay.

Josh:   Pretend you're a robot.

Miss C:  Can I be a woman robot?

Josh:   No. Robots aren't people.  They're metal.

Miss C:  Can I not be metal?

Josh:   Fine. You can be made of animal skin.

Miss C:    Okay.  Wait.  I don't want to be made of animal skin.  Can I be not a person but just have skin like a person?

Josh:   Can you just be a robot?

Miss C:    I'll just be a girl.

Josh:    Fine. You can have human skin.

Miss C:   Okay, I'll be a robot.

Josh:   Okay.

Miss C:   But then I turn into a woman and I have wings.

Josh:   But you're not bigger than me.

Miss C:   Of course not.  But my wings are.

Josh:   Okay, but you don't know how to fly.

Miss C:   No, but I learn to fly.  And also, my wings are not made out of metal.


  1. And no trace of a princess in sight! :)

  2. love that girl. i think i need to make her some wings.

  3. Unrelated, but I saw this post about little girls and padded bras and thought you might be interested.