Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sexy Halloween

Take Back Halloween is "a costume guide for women with imagination."

It has some creative ideas about alternatives to the overused "Sexy _____" theme. 
(Sexy Fire hydrant!  Sexy Lamp!  Sexy Coffee Mug!)
No, seriously, better ideas than even those.
We think there’s a serious lack of opportunities in life to dress up in strange clothes and pretend to be somebody else. Unless you’re in show business, Halloween is pretty much it. Why waste it?
Take Back Halloween is sponsored by the Real History Project, which doesn’t have a snappy motto but is considering “No, Men Did Not Invent Everything.” 

Miss C has donned various costumes through the years:

a skunk that sprayed you if you came too close
a wallaby princess
a burlap ghost (not recommended)

This year she has been alternating between two possibilities:
Dorothy Gale, and Mary Ingalls, post scarlet fever.
(Laura is deemed less interesting because she didn't go blind.)
And now she wants to know if we can get a guide dog and call him Toto.

Perhaps we'll go back to the burlap ghost next year.


  1. Spraying Skunk. That's adorable.

    As a response to the horribly boring and weird "Sexy [blank]" trend (Sexy Zebra, Sexy Spider?) a friend did up a "Sexy" Badger costume. Complete with fangs, muddy head to toe fur coat, and one awesome snarl.

    It was a hard choice between Sexy Badger, Sexy Wolverine, and Sexy Tasmanian Devil (complete with mouth cancer, bite marks, and drool). She figured the badger would be the most recognizable.

    I'm going as a TARDIS, the sexiest box ever made!

  2. I just spit out my tea laughing.

    Thank you.

  3. What is that? Any girl costume about a 4T is all tarted up. I don't suggest it for adult women either, but, hey it's their life. Just don't invite me and my CHILDREN to your "family" party and then dress as Little Red Riding Ho.

    TARDIS, sexiest box ever made. Why didn't I think of that? Instead, I opted for Housewife Who Hands Out Candy.

  4. Take a page out of the university student book - costume parties are fun regardless of whether it's Halloween or not.

    I'm having to actually sell off some of my costumes because I've built too many!