Monday, June 16, 2014

We winned!


Tonight I took Miss C to an Irish pub to watch the US play Ghana on the big screen. 
We left at halftime, when the US was up 1 - 0. 

Driving home, I was all, How awesome is it that we could finally win!  Winning is the best!  Nothing in life matters except for winning!  (Just kidding about the last two sentences.  But seriously.  Winning a soccer game is noice.)

And she was coming up with ways to make the losing team feel more secure.

(My squirrel lovin' cousin has this theory about Irish parenting vs. American parenting.  It is this: American parents say, "Honey, you are wonderful and kind and amazing.  You are just great."
Irish parents say, "Um. You're a bit chubby love.")

So apparently I've been American parenting because to hear Miss C come up with alternative incentives for the losing team was like she wanted the reward for losing to beat the incentive for winning. 

Miss C:
What if whichever team wins gets to keep going in the World Cup, but the losing team gets to help with kids soccer teams, and visiting classrooms, and also fundraising?

Me, in my brain:
That would be so nice.  If Ghana could help with fundraising and stuff. 
Out loud:  Honey, you are wonderful and kind and amazing.  You are just great.

Miss C:
What if the team that loses could stay in the World Cup and not have to go home so soon and also visit classrooms and help teach soccer?

Miss C:
What if you could pick if you won the game or if you lost, but if you won you had to be in the World Cup forever, but if you lost you could go all around to schools and soccer teams and do all different things?

Miss C:
Well, what would you pick?  If you could pick yourself to be any team and pick if you won or lost the game?  Mom? 

This kid is Queen of Extremely Specific Hypotheticals.

I have to say, I would pick to be the team that kept going in the World Cup. 

Miss C:
But you have to be in the World Cup forever.

Would there be any breaks?

Miss C: 
No breaks.  For the rest of your life.

She just made the World Cup sound like punishment.  Like a factory job making shoe inserts until you die.

No matter.

I would still pick being in the World Cup.  But I'd like to visit the classrooms too.

Miss C: 
You can't do both.  Are you sure you don't want to just lose and do all kinds of cool things?

I'll think about it.

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