Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Only Baby Book You'll Ever Need

My little sister is going to have a baby any minute

She has brought 2 lovely little people into the world, and she has high hopes for this 3rd little person. 
Rather, one high hope: that this little person will sleep. 

In honor of the fact that at a certain point of parenthood, you throw the book against the wall (if you are reading a parenting book)  (mine was the one that had sleep schedules and the acronym EASY, which stood for Eat, Activity, Sleep, and I forget what the Y stood for...yurts, or yaks, or Yemen or Yugoslavia or something), I am posting this fascinating little opinion piece titled

The Only Baby Book You'll Ever Need, by Michael Erard

Just because.  Read it.  You'll see what I mean.



  1. I'm reading the EASY book at the moment. (The Y is for 'you'.) I find the author really annoying and think she's either purposely constructing straw men or some of clients were idiots (like the idea that feeding on demand involves trying to feed the baby every time they make the slightest whimper never having any time to yourself). On the other hand, her tips have improved bath time for us.

  2. So the Y is for You, not Yugoslavia? It comes back to me now!
    Every parenting (or help-based) book seems to add something, and I think I liked the rhythm suggested in that one, except the S part (sleep) never seemed to work too well for me. Glad it has improved bath time for you!
    And congratulations: you made a beautiful little person :)