Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The World Turned Upside Down

Four score, and seven years ago...there was a poetry jam at the White House, and the mad rapper Lin Manuel Miranda tested out this thing he was working on, and there is no turning back.   Here is what happens once you have been infected:

Someone asks you your name.  At a work event or in some formal setting where you are supposed to simply say your name.  Instead, your brain immediately translates their question into WHAT'S YOUR NAME MAN and there is a very long pause while a very small internal voice, barely audible, pleads,  Don't sing, it's not appropriate, they might not know what you are talking about, maybe they've never heard the song please just answer the question with your name but the louder part of your brain is already halfway through the reprise.  This is what happens to me now, and so it takes 7 - 12 seconds and two deep breaths to answer, every single time someone asks my name. 

On the outside, I say my name.  BUT ON THE INSIDE, this.

For the uninitiated but curious, a crash course below.

But first: it's July 4th*.

*content may reflect significant events that took place within  +/-7 years of Congressional approval of final text of Repeal and Replace The Declaration of Independence

Now.  Ye who have heard of it but not heard it, here are some starter songs, which I've retitled.   This is where you begin, and then when you are ready, jump into Cabinet Battles and King George love songs.   

Then, tell me your name.

Warmup of Wonder
The Unimagineable
Being a Parent Reconstructs Your Heart
How the Sausage Gets Made
Everyone Shall Sit Under Their Own Vine and Fig Tree and No One Shall Make Them Afraid

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