Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Visit to the Doctor

C: Let's play.  I am Dr. Cinderella.  You are my patient.

Me: Okay.

C: You go over here and wait.
She leads me to a chair in the dining room, then leaves me sitting there.  Waiting.

C: (emerges with a piece of paper in hand, looks down at it,) Georgia O'Keefe?

Me: Is that me?

C: (whispers) Yes, you are supposed to stand up.  Let's start over.
She leaves, and I'm left for an even longer time, waiting.  

C: (re-enters) Georgia O'Keefe?
She looks around the room searchingly, as though it's filled with many potential Georgia O'Keefe's.

Me: (standing) I am Georgia.

C: (smiles in recognition) Follow me please, Georgia.

Dr. Cinderella performs an examination.
Turns out that stomach ache I'd been experiencing?
Just a bladder full of urine. 

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