Sunday, April 17, 2011

Product Placement

Question: When you are on youtube, are you capable of watching one video, the one thing you went there to see?
Or do you click on one of the links on the side, until you find you are watching a video of someone else's cat make strangely human noises?  In the nation of Georgia?

If you have self-control, congratulations.  Please send me some.

So I am listening to this song, intentionally, on youtube.
And after listening to it, I look over to the list of profiled music videos, and see Avril Lavigne's What the Hell?
And I think, What the hell, and click on it.

Initially, I wondered What the Hell!  Because it had nothing in common with the song I'd just listened to.  Except that Avett and Avril....what the. Heck.
The video has cr-a-zy product placement: Sony tv, computer, phone, Converse sneaker line-up, Avril's perfume, her clothing line.  You must see it now, right?  Video and product placement breakdown here.

It's not unlike Britney's video Hold It Against Me, and if the trend continues, it looks like every new pop video done by a female will have them dousing their body with perfume before turning on their Sony product. 

Which makes the Avett Brothers video even more salient.


  1. 1) I am unable to watch just one video on youtube.
    2) That was a great video.

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