Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Commercial Break, Sure May!

Happy Ju-ly!

We are in the wonder days of summer haze and craze here.
A recent field trip included driving through a Virginia lightning storm and spending the night in a Roanake without power.    

This is Roanoke with power:

 This is Roanoke without power:
File:Win3x Black Screen of Death.gif 


Other highlights included getting to North Carolina just in time for the hottest wave of their summer (106, I believe that is one step below purgatory), and searching for Snooki at the Jersey Shore.
All we found was a Wawa. 

This brings me to my point.
While aboard the Cape May ferry, eating fine ferry fare, I saw a commercial.
I liked it.  So I bring it to you:

Finally, what post would be complete without sharing a Miss C story?

The morning after the lightning storm,  C and I were on an hotel elevator with a friendly couple.  We talked about the tree branches flying across the highway, the rain pelting sideways. 
The woman said, "We didn't drive through it, but I heard there were mattresses blowing around, that wind was so strong."
She had this lovely drawl that gave the word mattresses 12 syllables. 
We compared storm notes and then the elevator doors parted, and the couple turned left and Miss C and I turned right.  She took my hand and said, loudly, "Those people don't speak English, do they?"

How do you tell your child that actually, the English she speaks will be accused of being too nasal and her A's too long as soon as she leaves the region of Western New York?
That she pronounces bagel and bag entirely wrong, and there's nothing she can do about it? 

So, a talk about accents ensued, where C assured me, "We don't have an accent though, right?"
Not us.

We finally got to see our North Carolina cousins and my 4 year old niece has picked up this saying:
Sure may!
We'd say, Neila, can you share the ball?
Neila says, Sure may!
We'd say, Neila, do you want to swim?
Neila says, Sure may!
And then we'd just come up with questions to hear her say Sure May!

More applesauce?  Have a dog?  Like birthdays? 

It's hard not to eat right up a kid like that, sure may.  

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  1. I like how, in the video, the girl who stays behind still has perfect hair and skin. I mean, we wouldn't want her to be sweaty, right? Also, maybe she just has dark eyelashes, but I think she's wearing a bit of eyeliner on her upper lids. You know, to play soccer. Because of course she is.

    Still, all girls who drop out of sports become insta-sluts? What's up with that? What about the girls who drop out of sports because they'd rather take music or art lessons? What about the girls who get their period for the first time and suddenly don't feel so hot about sharing a shower with a bunch of other people? What about the girls who go to schools in which sports participation is mandatory for boys and not for girls at a certain grade level, and they drop out of sports because they never liked sports to begin with? Do they start dressing like runway models too?

    It's weird. I support the main message and goals of this organization, and I won't deny for a second that girls are bombarded with societal messages that might cause them to drop out of sports (among other things), but this video really creeped me out.

    I am not criticizing you, of course! I love your blog, and I'm really happy to read a new post! I just wanted to say that the video gave me a lot to think about, so thank you for sharing it.