Monday, August 9, 2010

Sexy Flexy and Promiscuous Girls

An Ottawa pole dance studio offers classes and birthday parties for girls ages 5 and older.
A brief article, with explanation from the instructor here.

(Thanks Kristi, for sending this my way.)


  1. Whether these moms like it or not, pole dancing has a serious cultural association -- hell, it's practically inseparable from the idea of "women are objects for men's enjoyment".

    Being in denial about that will not benefit their daughters in the long run.

    Also, it kinda made me sick when the mom in the story started talking about her daughter's "little abs". Kids don't need to reduce themselves to parts. They need to love themselves as a whole person.

    Hell, we all do.

  2. I swear, this reads like something from The Onion. Kids can't take "Exotic Dance" and "Lap Dance," but they can take "Bellylicious," "Sexy Flexy," "Pussycat Dawls" and "Promiscuous Girls"? You have got to be kidding me.

    And that mother talking about her 7-year-old's "rockin' abs" is skin-crawling creepy. Child-protective-services creepy.

    The thing is, the parents who would let their daughters take these classes are so caught up in vanity and vicarious living that they cannot be persuaded of the dangers. It's like the parents who defended their daughters' dirty dancing to "Single Ladies." It seems so obvious (SO obvious) that this is so wrong, yet I fear there's just no turning back on this stuff. And that is incredibly sad.

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  4. yeah, this is just over the top. there is just some plain old bad parenting going on here. i can say, without hesitation, that any mother who lets her daughter take pole dancing lessons is a bad mother. it takes a lot for me to say someone is a bad mother. this is abuse in my opinion.

  5. Blink. Blink. Whaaat?

    Well, if it gives a 7-yr-old rockin' abs, must be worth it! Now that she's got rockin' abs, she can go get that dangly belly button ring put in. C'mon kids, get with the program! Life is short!

    I can't imagine why any mother wouldn't think this is a good idea. I mean, think of all the jobs one could have if you start your pole-work early on in life!

    Ummm, oh wait, hmmmm.