Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who Wore It Best?

I have a very old email account through yahoo, the first one that I opened when I first learned of the in-tra-net.
It has 5,027 unread emails.  But anyway.
Each time I sign in to that account, there are news stories featured to the right.
Or should I say "stories."

I have not customized this page, so how it selects what it shows I'm not quite sure.
But today, these are the sample titles, with accompanying photos:

'High Stakes Mosque Politics'
'Ruling Costs Golfer at PGA'
'Two Stars, One Shiny Dress'

The last one comes up frequently, under different titles.
Such as, 'Who Wore It Best?'
'Fashion Faceoff!'

Today I clicked on the news story, the one with the shiny dress and the stars, and I discovered two things:
1. I don't know who the stars are.
2. They are wearing the same dress.

And I am supposed to vote for the who looks better.  Because that is what women do.  We judge each other.

This 'story' pops up at least once a week, and I have yet to see one that features men in the fashion face-off.  Because men can (gasp) wear the same thing and it doesn't cause us to think of how embarrassed they might be, or to compare their elbows and triceps and thighs.  I tried this at a wedding recently, I put my hand to my mouth and whispered loudly to my brother, "Don't look, but you and Dave are wearing the same thing."
They both had red ties.  And all night, all anyone could talk about was who wore the tie better: Dave?  Sean?  It was a very important question.

I am submitting a fashion face-off story for yahoo and I hope they accept it.
Because I think there is a clear winner in this one:
Two Stars, One Shiny Suit...


  1. I tried to leave this comment before, but it got deleted... hoping it was a technical glitch, so I'll try again...

    Have you seen the comments below the "news story" here? Bleh!

  2. Aggy--I haven't, actually. When I view it, there are no comments shown. From your response, I'm guessing that's a good thing.

    And sorry for the glitch. Thanks for persevering!