Monday, November 22, 2010

Disney Will Stop Making Princess Movies

Tangled comes out on Wednesday (shhhhhh, don't tell my daughter!).   In case you don't know, Tangled is Rapunzel. 
Except Disney didn't want to call it Rapunzel because they fear they are losing all the little boys of the world to Iron Man and Transformers.

So, two years ago they re-vamped this film and called it Tangled.
Which obviously will trick little boys into thinking it's just like Transformers.  They both start with T!

Also, they added more action. Watch the clip and see if you can't tell who they're trying to appeal to.

Maybe they should have actually called this movie The Prince.  From the clip, it appears to be his story.

Another reason Disney is waltzing away from Princess films: girls, by age 5, no longer want to be a princess. They want to be "hot."

No comment on that one.
Except, you know, this entire blog.


  1. Righhhht. So instead of moving away from gender stereotypes, they're making women invisible again. Great.

  2. Should I be ashamed that I'm intrigued? I think this preview is quite funny, actually (though I'm sure if I actually saw the movie I'd be offended every five or so minutes).

    The smoldering thing made me laugh out loud.

  3. Rivqa, you have it all wrong. Rapunzel isn't invisible. First she resists him, comes close to beating him up, but then - maybe not through that sexy smoldering look, but somehow - he manages to convince her that they should be friends and more, and she should risk everything she has for that. Cuz, you know, her instincts say no, but her eyes says yes.

  4. I haven't seen Tangled but I noticed something about the advertising shots that seems an improvement - Rapunzel doesn't pose. In every shot she's active, or silly, or excited, but always focused on doing things rather than trying to look pretty.

    There's a lot of boy-friendly animated films out there that do a hell of a lot better in having strong, non-sexist female characters than the ones directed at girls. Take Shrek, for example. Unfortunate transphobia aside, they have a scene that mocks the helpless princess stereotype in Shrek the Third in a rather hilarious way when Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty are locked up in prison with Fiona and the Queen. "All right, girls," Snow White says, "assume the position!" And they all slump in various poses, waiting to be rescued.

    In the end the Queen headbutts her way out of the prison cell and the princesses rush off to rescue Shrek.

  5. Have you seen the movie? Because there are some nice messages in it and I didn't think it was his story - I thought it was their story. They both took a journey to discovering who they really are. And she is silly and playful and athletic. And there is no magical kiss. And in the end he cuts off all of her stereotypical beautiful blonde hair. She loses her magic and becomes herself - with short, brown hair.
    Don't get me wrong - it still has many of the stereotypes that Disney instills. But it has some nice messages that you don't ordinarily see in a Disney movie.