Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Reading

As we prepared for Christmas, C had been reading Three Wise Women, by Mary Hoffman. 
Then, at my family gift exchange, where last year I received car slippers that had working headlights, and were 2 sizes too big, this year the Christmas Angel took pity on me and my brother's girlfriend drew my name.  She gave me this book:

Have you read it?  One review: 
It is tempting to say that The Red Tent is what the Bible would be like if it had been written by women...
It's keeping me company on this cold winter night, along with my cozy car slippers.


  1. I'm a college senior with a major in women's studies and love your blog. I was assigned The Red Tent in one my intro classes and loved it. I know many women who have read it and have not heard a negative thing. Happy reading!

  2. I have mixed feelings about The Red Tent. On the one hand, I simply enjoyed reading it very much. It's beautifully written and the historical world is stunningly constructed.

    On the other hand, though, I came away with the feeling that Dinah was a perpetual spectator in her own life, blown wherever circumstances took her. It's a perfectly valid path for a character, and has something to say in and of itself for sure, but it left me a little frustrated.

  3. I saw a link to your blog in a comment on The Feminist Breeder and had to come check it out. I'm now your newest fan! I hope to keep my 14 month old daughter's life a Princess-Free-Zone, but already, she's received princess-laden gifts. Love what you're doing here! :)

  4. I loved this book, although when I shared it with my mother she felt that it unrealistically put a modern feminist viewpoint on some of the emotions/thoughts of the characters. Perhaps that was the point. A wonderful read, with some food for thought.