Monday, December 6, 2010

Not Awesome

Oh Reality you remember MTV's Real World?
Where there were some likable people?  Along with Puck?
And we got to watch them, in Trumanville style, form bonds and argue, and hock loogies?
(HMG) – David Rainey, much better known as Puck, the rebellious star of MTV’s “The Real World: San Francisco” was badly injured after a car accident in Southern California last week and remains hospi
I've been away from reality TV for some time now, except for that episode of Hoarders I watched with Dave a few weeks back just to let him know that a few used teacups lying about?  At least they're not 4 month old rotting pumpkins. 

Anyway, here's a show about how important it is to have the perfect body and face on your wedding day.   Perfection as defined by the re-imaged and computer created model.

On this show, women compete to win the prize of plastic surgery in order to fulfill the dream of the perfect wedding.
According to the show's description:
contestants who are voted off risk walking away with nothing and losing their chance to be the perfect bride.
Because, you only get one chance to be the perfect bride!  And if you screw up, none of those life-long vows you mutter will matter one iota.

Can you imagine if they recruited the women for this show, and then instead of filming them fight each other for 4 months, surprised them with a Self Love Boot Camp?  And they all won? 

A girl can dream.

(Thanks to Ariel for sending this on.)


  1. Shounds hideous. Though I do remember one plastic surgery show where psychotherapy was actually part of the deal - I remember that one guy had a scar removed that he got when he was mugged, but was also treated for the psychological damage and I *think* he had it stressed to him that just removing the physical scar won't heal him on its own. I approved of that.

    I think there was also one applicant (may or may not be the same show) to whom they refused plastic surgery and just gave her make-up tips because none of the things she wanted to change actually *needed* surgery.

    I can't see the video, apparently it's blocked in Australia due to copyright or something :-(

  2. That is disgusting!

  3. This is so sad. The fallacy that wedding is the goal, instead of the beginning a marriage, just won't go away. It's the same with the size-of-the-diamond b.s. Not to mention that if I disappeared for 4 months before my wedding, my husband would have been very unhappy with me. I hope this show fails miserably. I've seen it on the programming guide, and avoided it because I suspected it was something like that!