Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disney Couture for Women

Yours for only $59.95.  Plus shipping and handling.
Scoop Neck Sketch Ariel Tee by 
Disney Couture for Women

I'm not sure if Ariel's sultry glance is the right fashion choice for me.
I'll probably stick with the "Princess Evil Queen" top.  
Fitted The Art of 
the Disney Princess Evil Queen Top by Disney Couture 
The design rings a little of the Virgin/Whore dichotomy.
But it's only $39.95!  
The Disney website describes the above top as:
Fitted Tee
The Evil Queen strikes fear in the heart of the fleeing Snow White and provides unmistakable style on our flirty, floaty, fashionable Evil Queen Top by Disney Couture.
If I could only find one in 3T, Miss C and I could coordinate. 

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