Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh O

Two years ago, I was gifted with a subscription to O magazine.
It arrives heavy and shiny in our mailbox each month.
And I consistently read at least two parts of it: the guest essayist, and Martha Beck.
This month the magazine celebrated it's 10th anniversary. 
On the last page, Oprah recounts this:

When we started publishing this magazine, I had no great expectations.  I was clueless about the business of magazine publishing.  Sometime during the first few months, I actually said to our then editor in chief,  "Maybe we should lose some of the ads.  There are just too many of them." 
I was immediately set straight on that point.  We exist because of the ads.  "Oooookay." 
This issue had 140 advertisements.  So before I got to things such as this:

"Become more accepting...surrender any tendency to judge...pray for an accepting heart."

I got to see things like this:

 As a friend of mine said, "When even Oprah shrinks instantly in the face of the all-powerful advertising industry,we should all be terrified." 
Because isn't Oprah a kajillion-billionaire?

Thankfully, I've developed a more accepting heart, and I accept the images without question. 
I for one, am immune to advertising. 

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