Friday, May 7, 2010

Taking Life Way Too Seriously Since 1978

I have a brother---well, a couple of brothers, actually---but one in particular who often lets me know I need to lighten up.
Some things I've heard from him are, "Seriously, lighten up."
And, "You take life waaaaay too seriously."
And, in our earlier days, it was, "Dude, take a chill pill."

So, here I am writing about Princesses!
And how they're going to ruin the world!
Or at least, your kid!
They may be cute, but don't trust them with your life.  They'll castrate you in a split second.

The truth is, as we've undergone Recovery here at our home, I think less and less about the DP's.  It's kind of a relief.  Because there were moments I was sure I was a woman coming undone.  I found myself scowling at Belle in the grocery store.  Shaking my fist at Cinderella (on the inside).
And who wants to go after the swirly figures that little girls lust after?
Not I.
But then...
My child was waking up at 3 am bawling, "I can't be a princess....without looooooonnngg haaaiiir!"
Kids take life seriously, why shouldn't we?
And like all Serious People, I will find others who agree with me. 
And quote them.
Take George Gerbner, for example:
For the first time in human history, children are hearing most of the stories, most of the time, not from their parents or school or churches or neighbors, but from a handful of global conglomerates that have something to sell.

It is impossible to overestimate the radical effect that this has on the way our children grow up, the way we live, and the way we conduct our affairs. 
From Reclaiming Our Cultural Mythology

Impossible.  To.  Overestimate. 
I think that's another way of saying, "Don't lighten up."
No chill pills allowed.


  1. What a FANTASTIC point. Thank you for this! I just might be printing this out and quoting it to everyone who argues with me over the DPs ...

  2. My parents brought me up on a steady diet of ancient Greek mythology. There were Disney movies in there as well, but they never really got the chance to take over.