Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Reading

Mr. Seahorse...wherein the truth is told about certain male sea creatures: they carry the eggs!
While the sea women are off getting drunk with Ariel.  

Last Princess
The Last Princess: The Story of Princess Ka'iulani of Hawai'i...biography of a real princess, who works for justice, who is not saved, who dies too young.
I can't seem to find a lunchbox with her visage anywhere.

Wilma Unlimited, another American biography.  About a little girl with polio who is told she will never walk, and how she takes that information, tucks it in her back pocket, and goes on to become the world's fastest woman.

And, much to C's relief, she does not die young.

Frida (English Language Edition)
Oh, wait, here's one that does!  Frida, who takes her physical limitations and documents it through her unique and expressive paintings.  Which were recognized as unique and expressive decades after she died.  (I love that this book's artist depicts the young Frida as having her signature serious gaze, complete with a little toddler unibrow.)

 The true action adventures of an Iraqi book hoarder.  Except she's a librarian and she's saving books from destruction by stealing them and having her neighbors store them.  Next to their WMD.
Although C pointed out that she's not following the rules, I used that moment to teach that sometimes, it's okay to steal 30,000 books.
But only sometimes.


  1. Great list! Plus, a business opportunity - Princess Ka'iulani lunch boxes.

  2. Excellent list! We read (over and over and over!) Mister Seahorse last year at the beach. And I've heard about "Frida" and "The Librarian of Basra", but haven't gotten around to looking for them yet. Thanks for the reminder.
    PS-Thanks for the comment. I think she's beautiful, too!