Monday, September 6, 2010

Screen Free Week

Happy Labor Day!
Dave and Miss C and I will be having a screen free week.
We're keeping the computer shut down, turning off Super Why and we'll be spending the week...

*cooking a new recipe every day




*spinning in circles

*training for this triathlon (Dave's doing the whole thing, I'm entering with a relay)

*eating a big meal at midday, and then maybe two of us will nap and one of us will pretend the other two are mountains that are to be climbed up and jumped off

*looking at an actual map for directions because I am utterly dependent on mapquest

*thinking I'll finish a novel when I'll actually end up reading 102 children's books

*finally clean out that closet

*but most likely, not

Hope your week is wonderful.  I have a little post scheduled for later in the week, and then I'll be back.

What would you conquer, or try, with some screenfree time?  What would you miss the most?


  1. Wow - when talking 'screen free', I've never considered turning off my computer. Well done! Hope you get to enjoy some of those naps!

  2. We occasionally do this when we're spending too much time with our relative screens. However, for school and work, using them is fine.

  3. I'd miss email the most.

    we don't watch a lot of tv, which frees up a considerably amount of time but if I turned off the computer for a week, maybe there'd be a chance I could get my car into the garage at the end of the week....

    although, honestly, I'd most likely just do a whole lot of crafting.

    Have a fun week!

  4. I don't know, but I'd love to try it. The problem...I'm scared to do shut off everything. Really scared. I worry I'd feel disconnected from the world, my friends etc. I wonder if I could do it though...and if I could get Jim on board.

  5. Jill-- no naps were had, but we did go to bed way earlier, so it evened out :)
    Diamond--I agree, this is an near impossibility to implement re: work and school, where screens are used, but just doing it at home might be something we try again in the future. It was a really fun week without the distractions!
    Amberism--my screen of choice is definitely this one over the TV too. And the garage...oh, that would be a BIG closet to clean :)
    Amy--Do one thing every day that scares the sh%# out of you, a wise Bostonian once said. So maybe it would be "screen free day" to steps!