Thursday, September 2, 2010

Advice from Belle

Bunny has left note that Second City has added Belle to the Advice From a Cartoon Princess series (thanks, Bunny!).
I'm having trouble with the embedding (is that a word?  It sounds kind of sexual), but click here if you'd like to see her wax poetic on bestiality vs. interspeciality.


  1. I saw that and it is disturbingly funny.

    One thing you haven't mentioned in any of your posts (I read your archives!) How old is C? How old was she when she first started being interested in the DPs? I'm trying to figure out when to start panicking.

  2. Dr. Confused---
    C is three. She was first exposed around 20 months (this post touches on the how, interest following this was slow and then sudden.
    I'm managing an urge to get long winded here, so perhaps I will turn your question into a post, b/c a few people have asked, "When do I need to be worried?" I think if you are already thinking about this now, you have a leg up. And if you are already consistently and clearly expressing what toys and media are permitted to your daughter's extended family, you have another advantage.
    Panic may not be necessary.
    But awareness never harmed anyone. :)

  3. Thanks for the quick response. My girl is two and a half, and doesn't know what a princess is. But at three and a half she will go to preschool, and that has me scared.