Friday, October 8, 2010

150ish Days

It's been well over 90 days now.
This blog started in late April as a way for me to keep myself accountable, and to sort some things out.

More powerful than the absence of "stuff" in our house has been the addition of conversation among family and friends.
One friend said, "Don't get conscious about something, it will really mess things up."
Digging into a symptom has led me to unearth far more than I wanted to know about marketing to children, and the unique role it plays in our country.

I'm going to keep posting (with a focus!) through the end of the year, and then see if I've entirely tired myself of this topic.

Perhaps the next level will be a blog called, "The Enemy Will Surely Kill Us Recovery," which is a little more akin to how Miss C's playing since she started playing with mostly boys.
Or, "Kill Capture Die Die."  Something light.
How about, "Light Sabers are Not Magic Wands."
Oh the possibilities!

See how relaxed I am?
And balanced?

The focus will be to track the big and teeny tiny actions, the drops in a bucket.
Of course, it's hard not to notice things like this,
The Princess Jasmine dress by Alfred Angelo for Disney.
"designed for the stylish women who have grown up with the Disney princesses."

So there will be some "oh, I noticed" along with the actions.

But the actions are supposed to keep me sane. 
Otherwise you might find me half-dressed on a corner in mid-December, mumbling, "Cinderella ate my daughter."
Oh, there's already a book that covers that?
Well, onward then.

1 comment:

  1. Well I certainly do hope you continue blogging, I really look forward to your posts and I thnk its an incredibly important topic, I also get a kick out of your sense of humour.

    By the way I tried to comment on your last post about being 'un-American' but my internet kept dropping out. Its funny how people use patriotism to justify their long held beliefs, like you are stabbing your own country in the back by questioning the general belief.

    I guess seeing as though I am Australian, this 'un-American'ism' doesnt apply to me and I can go on questioning the authority that is Disney princess's!?

    Hmmm un-Australian, I guess that would be the label you would give someone if they were too successful or outspoken and needing to be pulled down a few notches, see tall poppy syndrome. Or maybe not owning a pair of thongs, or not eating lamb off the barbie or here's one! not drinking beer.

    Gosh, there are so many and yet they are all as shallow as each other and I think that goes for most countries dont you?