Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Action (iii)

Do you often find that when you are grocery shopping, you miss watching commercials?
Well, Food Lion is here to solve your problem. 

Food Lion supermarkets will unleash 3GTv, mini-televisions attached to grocery store shelves running continuous commercials -- right next to the product being advertised. 

Screens will be in front of a display of organic red peppers, touting the virtue of this wonder food.  Kids will be clamoring for RED PEPPER RED PEPPER and beggggging their parents to please buy me some organic red peppers right now, and then the parent will reach for the Tasty Cakes and the Princess Spaghettios and shout, "Junior, don't fall for them commercials!"
 There will be massive meltdowns in the produce department because Junior never gets what he wants and it's just not fair.
Campbell's: Original Disney Princess Spaghetti-O's Shapes, 15 oz at Local Stores

I may have a few details mixed up, but seriously: do we need any more advertising in our grocery stores?
Is this not enough?

This action took exactly 5 seconds to complete.
I signed my name (#1391) and city.
You can also sign as Anonymous (for my Anonymous friends), and just put your approximate geographical location. 

If you don't plan on signing, at least visit the petition and read signature #1702.
People in Norfolk are just feisty!

(Oh just sign it, will ya?  What were you going to do with those 5 seconds anyway?)