Friday, October 22, 2010

From You, For You: Breast Implants

Coming Soon: Bigger Boobs Made From Your Liposuctioned Fat
At Jezebel today, Irin Carmon writes about  breast augmentation which uses your own fat, taken from your fatty places where you don't want the fat, put in your less fatty places where you do want the fat.  
Poor, confused fat. 
"The procedure's already been successfully tested in Europe and Japan, and now the company behind it is trying to convince the FDA to let them conduct a clinical trial here. The FDA isn't thrilled about injecting "blood-vessel promoting cells into patients who have had breast cancer," though animal trials have so far shown no adverse effects. But it's all happened incredibly fast by scientific standards, so who knows what the long term effects might be.
If all goes well and the procedure is used not only on breasts but to regenerate organs, it would be a unexpected social reward for both the vanity industry and those extra pounds we're carrying around. Hooray for the free market?"
Happy weekend to you.
And, give your fat a little hug today.
She needs love, too, you know.


  1. That's not how fat works. It's not tied down to you the way muscle is, any fat you move is just going to redistribute back to where it naturally wants to be in a few months. That's why liposuction isn't permanent.

  2. Anonymous-- This procedure is unique: a woman named Min Zhu made the discovery that "if you use blood as feeder cells, you could get adipose tissue to differentiate into bone and cartilage, muscle, or neuron." More details (it's pretty fascinating) at Jezebel or Wired. Plus, of course, an accompanying graph.