Monday, January 24, 2011


I know people who make things, and the way they make things is so much better than the way I make things.  And so mostly, I leave the making to them.

My friend Ali made this Rapunzel pillow for C:

 And my friend Luc made this Rapunzel notebook:

C loves both of these, and they've sparked some conversations about why one Rapunzel has red hair but the other has yellow.

Her thoughts on this have evolved:

"Maybe the red-hair girl is really Ariel, and she is stuck in a tower?"


"Maybe they are both Rapunzel, but different Rapunzels.  Like one is from New Jersey."

She's settled on the last line of reasoning for now, but won't tell me which one is from New Jersey.

If you make things, or know someone who does, feel free to leave a link to their site in the comments. 

Meanwhile, I will just keep melting bars of chocolate and drinking them: my solemn pledge until the temperature rises above 0. 


  1. Just a general make things? Because I make things. A LOT of things.

  2. Yes, just a general making of things. Beautiful beadwork! And I found the Page Of Buttons (beanforest) through your link too. Good pick!

  3. Oh, I LOVE beanforest. I just spent some stupid amount of money there. I see you posted the Lot's Wife one; nice call.

    Oh, and thanks!

  4. Um, I make things!

    I love your blog, although I'm not sure I've commented before.