Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Aging 8 Year Old

Has your tween been looking a little, well, old lately?

Do you look at her across the breakfast table and wish she'd do something to prevent the wrinkles that will be here any minute?

Or, do you gaze at her youthful complexion and wish there were a product to help her preserve that smooth countenance?

Well, fear not.  Walmart is here.

The Geo-Girl beauty line will be in stores this February. It is reported to be: 
aimed at the 'tween' market of 8-12 year olds, and will include blusher, mascara, face shimmer and lipstick that is 'mother approved', as well as anti aging products.
That's anti-aging products, in case you missed the bold print.

Hopefully, they'll have another line that targets the pre-tween.  No need to leave 3-7 year olds out in the cold.  They've got their face to think about too, you know.


  1. Tyler, deliver me from clear skin and perfect teeth...

  2. oh. my. god. I cannot believe that. that's terrible!

  3. Anonymous #1--- my husband got the reference, and completed it with something about clever art and Swedish furniture! I haven't yet seen Fight Club, but it's on my list :)

    Anonymous #2---Agreed.

  4. (anonymous 1 here) I know it probably looks like the polar opposite of your blog here, but you might find some interesting overlap with some of the stuff in fight club. Give the book a try if you can't stomach the movie, it's worthwhile.

  5. Be sure to read "The Little Princess" as a bedtime story to your daughter while you still can. The message there is "Princess is as Princess does" a take off on my mother's "beauty is as beauty does". A princess is not HOT she is beautiful, gracious, and a model of moral uprightness in every way including sexuality (something an old time princess would never mention). I see no problem with modeling GENUINE princess qualities, it is the plastic pop culture's distortions we need to steer girls away from. Our children need a social life, too many parents neglect to nurture good social activities. It helps if you can find like-minded parents to help plan and supervise wholesome parties etc... help them learn how to have a good time and stay good. It can be done but takes a lot of time and effort. Your daughters are worth it, and so are your sons.

  6. Read Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect. See what you think of it.

  7. Parents Who Care and ChooseMarch 14, 2014 at 6:25 AM

    Ok. First of all, wow. Secondly, there's no such thing as fun wholesome. The best thing you can do is what you know is best for your child. Thirdly, don't be afraid to allow a balance of fun pop culture and wholesome entertainment to show your children that they are equally as acceptable as the next. My generation knows the over protective parents of the last 2 decades. Thank you, but no thanks. Get a grip. There is a thing 'Over-Protective". I just hope my children have a sense of decency and respect and remember to carry it out with whomever they encounter and interact with throughout their life. Its not perfect, but there is harmony out there people. Just look around and relax. You're already a good parent. Just think a little more and worry a bit less. Because it will all work out and you won't lose sight of your kids. Just stay devoted, caring, and remember to guide them and set a straightforward good example. Even in your adult relationships.. it will count the most. <3