Friday, July 23, 2010


Grocery shopping: is it like this for you?

Prior to getting to check-out:

Then, directly in front of check out, just in case you missed it while picking up some spinach:
Finally, arriving in the check-out aisle:

Isn't it so strange that so many little girls just love Disney Princesses?

Must be genetic.


  1. What movies are you guys watching?
    Seems to me that in all modern Disney movies
    the princesses are kicking ass and saving their whimpy princes!

  2. Wow, that's.. just wow. Could you imagine booze being this prevalent? Even the spiderman consumption doesn't build up to this level of nose-bleeding 'must consume now' pressure, right?

    Wierd, that with all the profit of this stuff, disney still feels that their movies should appeal to boys more. Seems to me, brainwashing little girls brings you plenty of dough.

  3. i love, love, love your blog. my friend, katie, turned me on to it and i'm working my way through the older posts. my almost-three year old daughter is also discouraged from disney princesses by her cruel (not even step) mother. some people would consider this abusive. i kind of wish we were your next-door neighbors so we could work through this in solidarity! i mentioned your blog in a post at hope that is okay?