Thursday, July 29, 2010

90 Days: Status Report

My first post here was about 3 months ago.

If you'd like to read that Miss C has since moved on from Cinderella and Belle to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Amelia Earheart, you will be sorely disappointed.

In fact, we talk about Cinderella every single day.
And she still asks for Ariel stories every other day.

But there are some big changes:

1.     She is telling her own stories.  This week, the story has revolved around Belle and Cinderella being sisters, sharing a room, and riding a banana seat bicycle together.  Belle sits, Cinderella pedals, and Belle makes sure not to dip her feet too close to the spokes of the speeding wheels.  (It sounds vaguely familiar, like a story I told Miss C about my sister and I sharing a bike.  But, I never copyrighted it, so plagiarize away, my girl.)

2.     She's been insisting on names for the princes.  It's complicated, so pay attention.  Cinderella's prince is named: Agarvatee.  She made it up herself, and she also named Belle's prince Agarvatee, and also Snow White and Tiana's prince...Agarvatee.  The catch is: they're not the same Agarvatee.  They're all different princes, they just happen to share the very common name of Agarvatee.  Sort of like Mike, or Jake.  But, Agarvatee.  (I think it's #101 on the list of Popular Boy Names.)

3.     Ariel is no longer half-human and half-fish.  "She's half woman and half man."  When I asked which part of her was which, Miss C took her hand and drew an invisible line from the center of her forehead, down her face, torso and until she reached the floor.  So, it's a vertical split, right down the center.  Which I'm guessing must make simple tasks like dressing and going to the bathroom a bit of an extra challenge.

The play continues to change, with increasing flexibility and creativity displayed.  I think the names of the characters and pieces of their story will remain with us for quite awhile longer, and it's been an honor getting to know the deeper parts of hermaphrodite Ariel and all the Argavatees.


  1. It's wonderful to see how things are starting to change! I really enjoyed this entry. Kids are so unintentionally hilarious.

  2. Loving reading your blog here in Aus.

    Here is a link I think you might enjoy.


  3. Oh, wonderful to hear that she's starting to play more creatively. After 90 days, that's really not bad going. I'm enjoying your blog so much. All power to you. :-)

  4. So freaking funny!! One thing I've found is that their play does become more self-driven the older they get. To recreate stories they've seen played out for them seems like an appropriate thing for a 2-3 year old. Tweaking said stories and adding their own unique brand of imagination (like Agarvatee) comes with time and the development of their brains. I noticed it with Sarah and am now seeing it with Megan more and more. Love reading your blog!

  5. that sounds like success to me. walt disney himself could never have thought up the he/she ariel. definitely bending some gender sterotypes there.

  6. When I was about 3, the only female name I could literally remember in the entire world was "Tina". Tina was a girl at my kindegarten who I really wanted to be friends with. I remember having a female cat and 2 female budgies who were all called Tina! Your daughter clearly has more imagination than I had, Agarvatee is an awesome name ;)

    I love that you're doing this, and really appreciate that you're blogging it, it's truly eye-opening and fascinating reading (and I don't even have kids!).

  7. Oh my! HA it sound like you have a preciously creative little character living under your roof! I love what she has done with Ariel and your writing style! Keep up the good work (with daughter and blog).

  8. funny, i once dated a guy named agarvatee.