Friday, July 16, 2010

Lunch Time Phone Call

 I just called Bed Bath and Beyond and spoke with a representative re: this flier.
I asked if they carried penis enhancing pants, no?  They don't?
How about breast enhancing bras, still no? 

I noted that on their website they have a statement:
Bed Bath and Beyond remains committed to Women and Family Health and Wellness.
and have an icon and link to Healthy Women and Families:


And I asked how promoting a Booty Pop in their college issue falls in line with this commitment to healthy women.

I asked, "With upwards of 38% of college freshman having an eating disorder, is it ethical, or necessary, to promote this product along with shoe racks and shower caddies?  What message is this giving to young women getting ready to make this huge transition?"

(You may find this blowing things out of proportion, because if you are like me, you are accustomed to seeing this type of marketing everywhere.  But, BBB is not Victoria's Secret, they sell POTS AND PANS.  And cater to brides and college kids.  And this is new territory, a sort of testing the waters.)

The representative said, "I don't think they meant it like that."

I said, "I disagree.  In marketing, there is nothing accidental, nothing coincidental."

She said, "Would you like to lodge a formal complaint?"

I said, "Yes."

She said, as she took my name and telephone number, "I've heard people have been calling in about this, but you're the first call I've had about it."

In my expressing disappointment, I may have said the term Booty Pop a few too many times.  And the representative, at one point, sounded amused.  But, I think the product name is key here, and if it is embarrassing to say, then why are you selling it?  It's a funny name, because it makes light of the actual message of the product.  The message is, "You are not enough.  And your @** is evidence of this."

I think I'm going to take a Beautiful Just The Way You Are poster over there this week and make that my first action.

I must say, my first formal complaint felt pretty good to make.

If you feel inclined, the number is: 1-800-462-3966.
And if you don't spend half the phone call saying Booty Pop Booty Pop Booty Pop, it will probably take about 2 minutes.

Happy Friday!


  1. Zomg. I knew you were my hero (I'm planning on using your blog as a sort of battleground guide if I ever have a daughter and the princesses haven't died out yet) but this just confirms it.

    Can we re-appropriate the term "booty pop" to mean "to kick crappy social norms in the @$$"? Such as: "I love how you just booty popped Booty Pop."

  2. LoJ---MML! (that's for made me laugh! Does that exist, or is lol the only accepted form?)

    I like your idea, I think we should submit the term to the next edition of Urban Dictionary, re-defining booty pop permanently.

  3. I'm really glad you lodged a formal complaint! I know I'm guilty of rolling my eyes, complaining about the harmful effects of such things, but not really doing much else. I'm going to call today!


  4. I'm pretty adept at complaining, so this sounds like it's right up my alley. I'm going to try and call today because I really do find booty pop quite offensive (fun to say, but offensive nonetheless).