Thursday, July 22, 2010


One day after I called Bed Bath and Beyond to make a complaint about this, I received a call from Bernice, Regional Customer Sales Manager for the company.  She was lovely to speak with, and told me that my concerns were highly valued and would be sent on to the board which oversees marketing.  Interestingly, in both phone calls, neither employee would say the name Booty Pop.  Bernice, when she called, said, "I received an email about some issues you have with...that you have some concerns."

If I have been calling to complain about my 400 thread count sheets, or Teflon frying pan, I wonder if it would be as hard for the representative to name the product.

"You have concerns wanted to voice your thoughts regarding..."
"My frying pan?"
"Yes, your frying pan," (clears throat nervously).

After relaying my concerns to Bernice, I asked her,
"What do you think about your company carrying this product?"

"Well," she began, "I hadn't seen the flier until getting your complaint.  Then, I took a look at it.  And...I can definitely see where you'd take issue.  I have nieces." 

Having nieces helps because often, what gets someone concerned about an issue is connecting it to a face, thinking about how it might impact or harm someone they know and love.  I think this is what lights a fire under parents butts, and why many an apolitical college student, once a parent, takes issue with things that never bothered them before.  Suddenly, there is a face before them that will most certainly be walking into a world that has been shaped by adults. 

I dropped into BBB briefly this evening and made use of one of Lillian's lovely posters.
And, it looked just right.


  1. That's awesome that the lady couldn't even bring herself to say, "Booty POP!" Ha-larious!

    And nice placement of the flyer :)

  2. classic! love it. i can't believe they actually sell those things in bbb.

  3. I feel a little guilty that I find this hilarious, but really, it is! And yet dreadful at the same time. I'm so impressed that you're pushing the issue.

  4. The house is empty. The kids are at the library with Rich, and I'm reading all these posts of yours that I've missed in the past few weeks, because I am drowning in work (and actually should be working right now). And can I just say, you are awesome for hanging that sign over the Booty Pops.