Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Disney Princess Magazine

While looking through a list of what the Disney Company owns, I came upon The Disney Princess Magazine.  And I'm so glad I checked it out, because for a limited time only, you can order a year's subscription to both Princess magazine, and Field and Stream, and save money.
Field & Stream CoverDisney Princess Cover
Now, one may wonder what a publication for 4 year old girls would have in common with a magazine whose current issue is "The Gun Nut Issue."

But, upon closer inspection, there is much that is highly relevant to both demographics.
For example, the Summer Fish Babes Contest:
All I caught was
 an old baseball
And so girls can start small, and then aspire toward bigger goals.
Like sexy fishing!
I know a few very proficient fisherwomen, 
and they must not get Field and Stream.  Because they have
been dressing ALL WRONG when pulling in their catch.


  1. what? that is totally how i dress when i am fishing with my dad. doesn't every girl?

  2. Dang! Something else I've been doing wrong!