Monday, July 19, 2010

More Consuming Kids

Some of you have emailed and asked how to see more of the film, Consuming Kids.

Here's one way:
1. go to
2. in the search box, type in Consuming Kids
3. the rest of the segments will appear, and you can watch them in succession.  There are 7 parts, each a few minutes.

If you are so inclined to own the DVD, you can order it from the Media Education Foundation.  The cost is $20 for an individual...and waaay more for a high school or college, a couple hundred dollars.  (This is due to purchasing the digital license along with other materials such as study guide and discussion kit).  I own a copy and have already passed it around to several friends, and family members are next.  It's been a very helpful tool thus far.

Here's part 2/7:

I won't be posting any other segments, but if you have further questions about it, feel free to email or post in comments.

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